The May Update

May 23, 2023

Actions Menu

The May update brings a series of amazing experience improvements and small quality-of-life features. We’ve refreshed the Actions menu, and placed it in the Toolbar for easy access to features like Version History, as well as context-aware actions. Plus, we’re introducing a few new updates to Text layers, like the ability to use Blending Modes, and em units for letter-spacing. Moreso, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs, many of which were reported by the community. See the full list below.

  • Refreshed the Actions menu interface, and placed it in the Toolbar

  • Improved the sorting of all properties in the Styles menu, like Filters

  • The property panel can now be browsed in View Only mode

  • Added support for Blending Mode styles to all Text layers

  • Added support for em units for letter-spacing to all Text layers

  • Added custom font support to the MP3 audio component in Insert

  • Fixed SVGs in Stacks showing Position while actually disabled

  • Fixed Delay showing in unsupported Effects, like Drag or Transform

  • Fixed Smart Components collapsing due to relative size constraints

  • Fixed visual popover rendering issues when designing in Safari

  • Fixed the Guides property being shown while actually disabled

  • Fixed the top bar being hidden after closing the Preview window

  • Fixed issues when combining pins with relative widths and aspect ratio

  • Fixed issues where you could publish too soon and crash your project

  • Fixed a bug where position would be reset when copy and pasting Styles

  • Fixed animations stretching on window resize, like mobile navigations