Preview Refresh

May 22, 2023

Framer Preview Window

This update introduces a refreshed previewing interface, with a simpler topbar and better defaults for previewing your responsive pages. We’ve also included a host of other improvements and fixes, such as a new shortcut to quickly collapse all layers, and ensuring the Pan Tool no longer gets stuck once selected. Let us know what you think in the Community—we’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Simplified previewing UI with a refreshed topbar and icons

  • Preview can now be toggled on and off via the icon in the toolbar

  • Sites are now always previewed responsively by default

  • You can now collapse all layers in the Layer Panel with ⌥ L

  • All Styles can now be manually sorted in the Assets Panel

  • Background Blur can now always be added under Styles

  • Background Blur now has a performance warning at values >10

  • The Keyboard Shortcut overview modal is now responsive

  • Fixed one or more layers wrapped in a Frame being offset

  • Fixed the text editor using the wrong Color Style theme

  • Fixed Pan Tool getting stuck when enabled by clicking

  • Fixed Preview always being inferred from Viewport on Web Pages

  • Fixed Viewport pill from clashing with other UI, like the Gradient editor

  • Fixed accidentally showing the Filters menu on unsupported layers

  • Fixed Stack losing order overrides when copy-pasting across Pages

  • Fixed Stack order being off when Primary Breakpoint was a Frame